Write a website article

Public Affairs is critical to the reputation of the Civil Air Patrol and its connections to the communities it serves. Writing articles for CAP (either at the squadron, wing, or national level) is a way of sharing the stories that make the organization so important. 

The squadron website is the hub for communication about the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron. We can be the most flexible about content among the various levels of CAP, and so it’s easy to contribute. Here are some ideas about things you could do:

  • Explain the way an annual event works so other people can anticipate and prepare for the experience (like this).
  • Share reflections about a video or news item you found on the web from the point of view of a CAP member (like this).
  • Create a written, video, or even audio version of a briefing from a weekly meeting (like this safety briefing or this aerospace education news item).
  • Share pictures from a CAP event (like this).

Where possible, we also love to support the NC Wing website by creating articles for their use. Because of the volume of material reviewed by the NC Wing website team, they have more stringent requirements for content, and it is important that prospective authors of wing website content follow the suggestions in the slide deck below. If you have prepared an article for squadron or wing website use, please use the Contact page to send a message and we’ll help you get your content delivered.

The following slide deck was created to help teach the guidelines of writing for CAP; this helps us get your article posted promptly here on the squadron website and at the NC Wing website. Help others to learn about your experiences so that they can enjoy the opportunity of CAP!