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One of the rewards of membership in CAP is the privilege of wearing a uniform derived from that of the United States Air Force, but the traditions and technicalities of the uniform can be daunting, even for seasoned members. We expect members to respect the uniform (and particularly its Air Force heritage), and we expect members to help each other wear uniforms correctly, but we don’t expect anybody to be perfect, and we look forward to learning with you. No matter the question, you’re not the first to ask it, so don’t be bashful. In case it’s helpful, below are some starting points.


Cadet Uniforms

NC-052 strives to supply as much as possible of cadets’ uniforms. It is helpful for cadets to review the uniform regulations (look under M39-1 on the regulations site), but they should not purchase uniform supplies until checking with the senior members who work as cadet programs officers.


Senior Member Uniforms

Senior members are responsible for assembling their own uniform and for procuring the proper awards and decorations when appropriate. Most of the items required are available from Vanguard, a military supply company that works with the CAP national organization. Tips about other resources are printed below where applicable.

The Civil Air Patrol has two systems of uniforms: the Air Force Style uniforms and the “Corporate” (CAP distinctive) uniforms. As the auxiliary of the Air Force, senior members and cadets may wear uniforms derived from the service dress, BDU, and flight suit uniforms worn by Air Force officers. Because not all senior members meet the grooming and weight guidelines set by the Air Force for its uniforms, senior members may also wear the “corporate,” or CAP-distinctive uniform system. Most senior members of the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron have chosen to wear the CAP distinctive uniform system, but all cadets wear the Air Force Style uniform system.

Corporate/CAP-Distinctive Uniform System


Air Force Style Uniform System

We are still completing these listings; if you have questions, please talk to a member of the command staff at a meeting before ordering.

Service Dress (meetings and conferences)

Service Dress description

BDU (ground team)

BDU description

Flight Suit (aircrew)

Flight suit description