Emergency Services Training

Emergency Services is one of the Civil Air Patrol’s congressionally-chartered missions, and it is one of the most important ways we serve the public. While all members must have a baseline understanding of emergency services practices, it is critical that our aircrew and ground team members be up-to-date on training: those in need and our colleagues in other services on the front lines of search-and-rescue and disaster relief depend on us to be able to back up our commitments.

Baseline Emergency Services (all members)

All members are expected to know CAP ES practices. Please complete these courses at your earliest convenience.

Aircrew Qualifications

While CAP performs extensive and valuable service on the ground, the organization started with volunteer aircrews performing unique missions at a professional level, and that’s still a valuable part of CAP’s service to the country.

CAP aircrews consist of members in three primary positions:

Increasingly, aircrew members also pursue qualification for Airborne Photography. Please click on the qualification names for more details about training, or contact one of the squadron’s emergency services officers.