Sugar Valley Airport

Sugar Valley Airport

1 Apr 2013

The Sugar Valley Composite Squadron meets at Sugar Valley Airport (5NC2). Leaders from the airport’s management committee coordinated the founding of the squadron and the airport has generously enabled and supported one of the fastest growing Civil Air Patrol units on record.

From the Sugar Valley Airport website:

Sugar Valley Airport was established for the purpose of providing diverse support for persons interested in general aviation. The support may include simply giving a young person a tour of the airport and letting them sit in the airplanes. It might include mentoring someone interested in becoming an airplane mechanic (A&P), or helping someone get started in flight training. The airplanes are being used to support organizations like Remote Area Medical and others that provide needed services.

The classroom and other facilities are used to support the education of pilots providing them with the valued FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program credits. Free aviation ground schools are conducted periodically during each year. Check out some of the most recent educational activities.

In addition, some of the facilities of the airport are being used to support the development of arts and crafts and to train those interested in developing such skills. This is being done under the leadership of Sugar Valley Craftsmen.

The end result of these efforts is to develop relationships around which persons interested in service and aviation can gather to explore and pursue their interests.

Sugar Valley Airport partners with other organizations with similar goals and objectives in order to establish a network of like-minded people who can achieve more by working together.

The facilities are available for recreation such as Scout camporees, cookouts, camping, weddings, and much more.

IMG_9018For more information about Sugar Valley Airport, visit their contact page (visit the About NC-052 page for information about the Civil Air Patrol unit at Sugar Valley).