Training delivered in Wilderness Advanced First Aid

Training delivered in Wilderness Advanced First Aid

19 Dec 2014

Staff from NC-052 and NCWG, including physician members of the Civil Air Patrol, have come together to provide Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) training to members who are committed to service on ground search-and-rescue teams. The video below shows some of the training involved (the video is not intended to provide any training; all WAFA training should be supervised by experienced instructors).

This 32–36 hour program is designed to provide participants with not only advanced information about first aid approaches and techniques, but also opportunities for hands-on experience.   CAP’s North Carolina Wing has a wealth of experienced health care providers with backgrounds including medical and nursing practice, emergency room and paramedic experience, and even combat para-rescue training.   This makes for an excellent environment in which CAP members with interest in emergency services can refine and hone their rescue skills.

This program is a great example of Civil Air Patrol volunteer members using their professional skills and experience. Among the organization’s 60,000 volunteers nationwide, there are health care professionals, communication professionals, information technology experts, lawyers, pilots, and countless others who not only volunteer their time, but magnify the value of their time by delivering professional-level services in the interest of the American public.


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