Sugar Valley continues military coin tradition

Sugar Valley continues military coin tradition

5 Jul 2014

There are a number of stories and traditions surrounding challenge coins in the US military. Related organizations, such as law enforcement and, of course, the Civil Air Patrol, have adopted the tradition of sharing or awarding challenge coins (which, under some of those traditions, are called “round metal objects” or RMOs to prevent arousing a challenge). Whether it’s a method of identification or, as is now much more common, a way to build esprit de corps, the coins are a distinctive way for commanders to acknowledge commendable service and for members to show pride in their unit.

At Sugar Valley, cadets are awarded a challenge coin at their first milestone achievement. Senior members are offered the chance to buy one from the squadron supply. The commander will occasionally award a coin to distinguished visitors as a token of thanks from the squadron.

The post from the Air Force below suggests some of the traditions around challenge coins.


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