Cadets Learn Robotics Applications

Cadets Learn Robotics Applications

25 Jun 2014

On 7 Jun 2014, the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron hosted its first AE Robotics Day. As we learned through the course of the day, robotics are already an integral part of our world. Advances in technology are moving along very quickly and new uses are being found for robotics all the time. CAP cadets can be on the cutting edge of learning about robotics in a fun and interactive way by attending events like this AE Robotics Day.

Eleven cadets and a number of Seniors attended from Lewisburg, Orange County, South Charlotte and Sugar Valley. Cadets had a chance to operate a robotic arm, play with “Sphero” and fly a drone.

The brother and sister team of C/SMSgt B. Phillips and C/MSgt H. Phillips presented on building a robot and demonstrated the use of the robotic arm.

Those in attendance also enjoyed a number of informative and educational presentations on robotics that can be viewed at the following links:

Learn More About Robotics

Sugar Valley will be hosting Robotics Days periodically and these events will be open to the Wing. Keep an eye on the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron website for details.

We are pleased to share this video of the day’s events, created by 2d Lt Deborah Leighton:


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  1. C/MSgt Christopher Herman /

    Great day of learning about our modern day technologies, both advanced and simple. A special thanks to everyone who put this great event together. Cannot wait until next time!

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