OI 14-1 Color Guard Procedures

OI 14-1 Color Guard Procedures

3 Feb 2014

This instruction prescribes the procedures for our Color Guard program.

  1. Color Guard (CG) equipment and supplies will be inventoried and verified on a monthly basis. Each time CG equipment is taken out of inventory there must be a sign out of who is responsible for same and upon return to inventory must be checked in and signed by a Senior Member. Any discrepancies must be noted and the Unit Commander notified immediately. Responsibility for the inventory each month will be the Cadet Color Guard Commander and/or the Squadron Leadership Officer (or other designee as authorized by CC).
  2. Requirements to wear the white shoulder cord are as follows:
    • Active member of the Color Guard;
    • Have participated in an actual Color Guard activity;
    • Form 2a must be created and authorized by unit Commander
  3. Requests for Color Guard
    • Request must come from organization in writing
    • Request will be reviewed by Cadet Color Guard Commander and if approved/disapproved given to Senior Member responsible for CG. If approved/disapproved then forwarded to unit Commander who has final determination.
    • Whether approved or not, a letter to requesting organization will be sent explaining the decision.
  4. The purpose of this Operating Instruction is to insure we are following CAP Regulations and to have uniform standards for our unit.

Squadron Commander