G1000 Ground School on 11 Jan 2014

G1000 Ground School on 11 Jan 2014

3 Dec 2013

The Civil Air Patrol is fortunate to have an outstanding fleet of aircraft, including a number of planes with the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 “glass cockpit.” In order to preserve our safety record and effectively equip aircrews, pilots are required to undergo ground training specific to the G1000 cockpit before taking a checkride to qualify in these aircraft.

On Saturday, 11 January 2014, Capt Paul Golick, NC Wing G1000 ground instructor, will conduct an 8-hour G1000 Ground School at Sugar Valley Airport. The ground school will provide the VFR and IFR training pilots require before taking a CAPF 5 checkride in a G1000 airplane, and is recommended before pilots start flight training in the G1000.

The ground school is also recommended for aircrew members who will serve primarily as mission observers (flying “right-seat”) in G1000 aircraft. Mission observers (MOs) can be helpful resources to pilots in sifting the incredible amount of information delivered by the G1000 and in taking full advantage of its mission planning capabilities.

There is no charge for the class. Attendees may wear any CAP uniform, and should bring note-taking materials and a lunch (there will be breaks, but not enough time to go off-site for lunch).

Please plan to arrive between 0800 and 0815 on 11 January; class will begin at 0830 and end by 1700.