Aerospace Education for Senior Members

Aerospace Education for Senior Members

25 Nov 2013

Aerospace Education is one of the three Congressionally-chartered missions of the Civil Air Patrol, and the AE program for senior members includes a number of great opportunities.

  • NC052 encourages senior members to pursue the Yeager Award, which involves studying The Journey of Flight 2d Ed and then taking an online test. You can access PDFs of the guidebook from AE Downloads/Resources in eServices, and you can access the test through the Learning Management System (choose “Aerospace Education” from the drop-down menu if you don’t see the AE tests) in eServices. If you would prefer one large PDF file of the entire book, which can make it easier to reference the material later, contact NC052/PD.
  • NC052 encourages senior members to pursue at least the technician rating in the Aerospace Education Specialty Track. Aspiring technicians should contact NC052/PD to be added to the specialty track and contact NC052/DP to be assigned to duty as an assistant aerospace education officer (AEA). Members can study the Consolidated AE Documents – Technician and take the AE specialty test for the technician rating at any time during their first six months.

The Sugar Valley squadron is also developing a Flight Orientation program that will bring together Yeager Award recipients and cadets for ground training and orientation flights to give cadets opportunity to learn on the ground and apply in the sky. Programs like this are the reason we encourage our senior members to pursue aerospace education training.


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